Saturday, January 10, 2009

It isn't really a party...

until someone gets broken. So I single handedly turned this party OUT!

It was cold out this morning, when I was doing the final set up in the backyard. I was maintaining my optimism that the weather would warm up and we would not have 2 dozen kids and a bunch of adults all running loose in the house. So to make the back porch that much more inviting, I fired up the barbecue smoker. No intention of cooking any meat, just had it nice and toasty on the back patio.

While I was busting some scrap planks up small enough to fit inside the smoker, one of them bit me back and I managed to sprain my ankle pretty good. Afterward I got dressed for the party and had a good time. But like the total moron that I truly am, I wore my new cowboy boots for the party. Halfway through, my ankle was really hurting. So I switched into some tennis shoes and limped my way to the end of the birthday bash.

The last guests were hardly out of the driveway and The Boss Lady was driving me up to the nearby ER. 95 minutes later we were on the way home with 6 X-rays confirming no breaks in the ankle or knee.

I get to wear the party favor air cast for a week.


The Father of Five said...

I am imagining that you set these planks up (at a 45 degree angle) and tried to "stomp" them smaller when this happened. (I make this guess based upon similar "life experiences")

Rick said...

You should title your next post "Sprains, strains, and migraines!"

You are seem to be falling apart and your not even forty yet.

Mike said...

FoF, You are exactly right. I was busting them against the edge of the patio. One particular piece of pine did not yield to the stomp.

Funny thing, the triage nurse and ER nurse were both men. They asked and understood immediately what I had done. the doc was a woman and she just could not figure it out. I had to demonstrate it for her.

Rick, You are correct. By the time I am 40, I will be a real mess.

Anonymous said...

No nails in the foot? Man, that's too bad. A tetanous shot would have rounded the evening out really well!