Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Send help, now!

The Boss Lady and I let the boy open his birthday presents this morning at breakfast. Since the carpool was leaving about 20 minutes later, he was able to unwrap them all, but not actually open the last of them. A box of really cool looking Transformers has taunted me all day.

I resisted opening the box until The Talker got home an hour ago. And once the box was opened? Instant confusion and fear. I felt like I was back in high school geometry class.

I can neither make a car nor a robot out of any of these things. Somehow I have managed to get them all stuck in Transformer Purgatory.

Anybody know how to turn half-robot into a rescue truck?

WITHOUT a welder or any hand tools?


postulatesandpasttimes said...

I bought MLI an Optimus Prime T-Former two years ago. It is now a bathtub toy that is in permanent "Robot" mode due to my family's poor spacial motor skills.

We have since purchased a supposedly simpler Bumble Bee, which I can transform given the right alignment of the stars.

Honestly, for a kid, I think you need Asberger's or something to be able to do these.

my so called aunt said...

Beware birthday breakfasts and present openings before school.
IT NEVER ENDS!!! At 22-LK still wanted to open her presents before we left for work.

Susan said...

those things are absolute NIGHTMARES! My youngest got some for Christmas and 4 adults couldn't figure out how to get them together! Finally handed them off to our 15 yo and he got them transformed in minutes. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how everyone of you are complaining about these things being so hard to do, but I can all of them anytime someone hands one to me....Maybe it has to do with my attention span or something....like the time you handed me that triangle puzzle with the lizards on it and I did in 13 minutes??? Remember that? Then everybody in the dorm was trying to beat my record. Why don't you just send those things my way and I take care of them for you?????