Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Birthday day, EVER.
(Partick checked, just to be sure...)

The Talker is 7 today.

I know it is hard to believe that a young stud like me has a kid that old, but it is true.

Anyways, this morning he was going down the list of January 13th birthdays: "Uncle J, Cousin C, that dead great-great Uncle (for the record, his name was Jack) and Patrick".

Not having a clue who he was talking about, my mind raced to the first Patrick that came to mind. Was Nickelodeon doing a marketing thing with Sponge Bob characters? I had not noticed any advertised Birthday promotions (and I watch a lot of Sponge Bob, I am not ashamed to say. OK, maybe I am a little ashamed to own up to that...)

Finally, I quizzed the boy. "You know, Patrick from the recreation center. Today is his birthday, too." My mind raced back to my old job, before I was a Stay at Home Dad. "Yep, son, you are right. "

So The Talker is letting me know that he can remember the birthday of a guy who attended recreation programs that I ran BEFORE The Talker was even born. True, he has met Patrick a few times, maybe 3 or four times total. But how can a kid remember something like that?

Then in the car on the way to school he started spouting off other birthdays of note. Grandparents. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. Got all of them right, as far as I know. Then there were a few random people thrown in, like Matt's (a friend from Kindergarten) Grandpa. A man I am sure The Talker has met exactly ONCE. (FWIW, April 12.)

After the birthday remembrances, The Talker started telling us about the time he lost his first tooth, though I don't think he can recall that exact date... Ha! I got him there, thanks to the blog!

Anyways, he was lamenting that his newest loose tooth is taking FOREVER to fall out. Right then his tooth popped out! "What a great morning! My birthday, Patrick's birthday and a tooth coming out!"

A side note, I guess there might be something to the birth date. Patrick is indeed memorable for his mastery of dates. Give Patrick your birthday and he can tell you what day of the week it fell on. And he will let you know about anyone else of note born on that date. Maybe this is The Talker's ultimate goal.

I'll finish up this rambling birthday/tooth/freaky brain post with a link to The Talker's first mention of The Tooth Fairy, back in February of 2007.

Happy Birthday wishes to all of the birthday people out there and good luck to the Tooth Fairy tonight!

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