Saturday, January 31, 2009

They came. They destroyed. And they EVENTUALLY built a new fence.

The neighbor's fence builders started work at 8am on January 7. As of 5 pm today, we finally have our yard enclosed with a wooden privacy fence once again. 24 days and 9 hours to build a section of fence 120 feet long and 8 freakin' feet tall. I'll let you do the rest of the math.

Let's just say that when I finally griped at the building crew today at lunch, the butt-chewing was long overdue.

It is true that they have not spent all that time just working on my fence. The neighbor had them stop work for 10 days or so until she could escape to Europe for a couple of weeks. But when they started back, they did not finish up my almost built fence first. Nope, evidently another neighbor beat me to the punch and complained about being left fence-less first. So they got his yard enclosed quickly.

Whatever. The perimeter is now secure. And Kodak only escaped once.

We did not know the builders were about to remove the temporary fencing this morning and the dog was out. As soon as they opened the 6 foot wide hole in our fence, they learned the hard way the a full grown Great Pyrenees dog at full speed can pretty well wear down a fully laden carpenter/fire fighter.

Seems like we all learned something.


The Father of Five said...

I can hear them talking amongst themselves from here...

"Sheesh... Who's that crazy old dude with the big white dog, and chickens in his back yard??"

Mike said...

I bet they added Cranky or #$()*#$#! somewhere in there.

But the hose draggers are done with my fence.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a GP on Discovery or Animal Planet, he's sleeping during the day and prowling the fence at night, very slowly.

How is it that you got a sprinter?

Wait...those were also HOT climates...

Mike said...

Given a set perimeter, like a big freakin' fence, my Great Pyr will also sleep all day and bark all night, guarding the homestead.

They are wicked fast sprinters and for a big dog, they are really agile, so they can sprint away from you and rest until you catch up. Then they make a quick cut move and are off again.

Thus, DON'T leave a hole in the fence!

Ryan@Cool Dad Central said...

I put my own fence up (in the rain.) That sucked. And for some reason it still isn't very sturdy. Outsourcing is a good move.