Thursday, January 15, 2009

And you know what, I am OK with it.

The Princess got me again. We are home from school because when we got there this morning she seemed so pitiful that I tried to take her temperature. Since I couldn't get a reading on the school's thermometer, we made the executive decision to come home and play hooky.

It went down amazingly like last time, back in September. This time though, she waited until we actually got home to start acting like herself.

The girl and I now have a hot date scheduled for this morning with Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel.


AMR said...

Nick Jr + Disney Channel -- sounds familiar, only Mar is only 2. She's a pile of goo right now, so I can take the repeats of Max and Ruby over and over and over again.

UrbanVox said...

After the day I had today I doun;t think I would be able to stomach disney channel + Nick Jr...
ready to crash
but good luck! :)