Friday, September 19, 2008

Pre-school Hooky

Yesterday was slated to be a busy day. As soon as The Princess was finished at school, we had to run to the bank and then I had to get a haircut. Then I was hoping we would have time to get a slowly-leaking tire fixed on my car. And if we were REALLY lucky, I was hopeful that we would have time to get the tires rotated and balanced at the same time.

But I knew that was asking a lot out of a couple of hours. So I had resigned myself to making a second trip to the tire shop on Saturday to get it all done.

When we got to her school, The Princess just didn't look herself. After watching her for a couple of minutes I took her to the office to check her temperature. No fever. But I also could not get the thermometer past her teeth for a long enough time to get a good reading. Why wouldn't the school have some type of instant read thermometer? That is why kids HAVE ears, right?

I decided to play it safe and we bolted from the school. I was planning to get the girl home and to let her rest, I swear.

But like someone flipped the switch on her personality, as soon as we got out of the school parking lot, The Princess was back to her usual self. My diagnosis? The girl didn't want to be at school.

So we played hooky. We ran our errands. We ate lunch out. We came home and vegged in front of the TV. We played with the chickens. We had a lot of fun and it was a good day.

I figure there are enough times in her life that The Princess will have to do things "just BECAUSE", even if she really does not want to. But for now she is four years old. And lucky for her, yesterday was not one of those days.


Susan said...

Good for you Mike! That's one of the things I love about homeschooling my boys, we can just pay hooky anytime we want =-)

Glad that she wasn't really sick! I bet y'all had a fun Daddy-Daughter day!

Anonymous said...

I played hooky one time when I was at TCJC to go to some Fatts Stock Show with a buddy.....Man, those were the days!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And why I like the idea of private school. If'n ya want to take your kids out for no real reason whatsoever, you can and you're not hassled for it.
If only it were cheaper!

AMR said...

Thursdays -- my daughter doesn't have preschool and my son is in kindergarten. Mom is at work. It's just me and her and we can do anything we want. Thus far, we've become fans of two hour napathons.

I thought going in that Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with preschool and mom home one day . . . I thought these days would be my favorite. No, in the end Thursdays are my favorite. The bar is set so much lower on Thursdays.

Choosydad said...

I've been debating taking my daughter out of school one of these days so that we can hit the local amusement park during the week - when the crowds are smaller. But I worry that she will eventually leak our little daytrip to her teacher, and I'll get detention.