Sunday, September 07, 2008

Anything you need done?

Busy weekend.

I tuned up and changed the oil on my mower Friday after noon and then I mowed the yard Friday evening, so that I would have all weekend to relax and watch my chickens. It took me right through dinner to get the entire yard finished, but after The AtHomeFam's busy week, I was thrilled with the idea of a calm, quiet weekend.

So remind me never to do that again, OK?

Evidently I just freed up time for everything else. Saturday I spent most of the afternoon laying on the kitchen floor. No, the margaritas were not too strong, but thanks for your concern.

Wednesday and Thursday nights our dishwasher smelled funny. Like something plastic was melting on the heating element. Friday, same thing. Except it was more exciting this time. When The Boss Lady went to investigate the melting plastic smell for the 100th time, she saw sparks and we got a kitchen full of smoke.

Now I am all for special effects, but this IS a 26 year old house and I am thinking sparks and smoke might not be the best things to keep in the kitchen.

Saturday we shopped for a new washer until after lunch. Then I headed back to the first store we stopped at to pick up The Boss Lady's 13th Anniversary present. Yes, the dishwasher. Stick with me here, OK?  

After I spent my naptime on the kitchen floor, installing the new machine, I was planning to sit on the couch and watch college football. Instead I decided to beautify the neighborhood.

No, I didn't move. Or take the broken dishwasher out of my side yard. Shut up, dangit.

We have one neighbor who can't seem to be bothered to mow his yard. I found out that he was leaving town for a couple of weeks. So his front yard is now mowed, edged and the sidewalks swept off. He won't be around to enjoy the masterpiece of my mowing, but the rest of the neighborhood seems to be happy with the result.

After church I changed the oil in The Boss Lady's car. A task I had put off since July. It cost $29 just for the parts and oil. I think I last spent $35 at the dealership when I had an oil change done on my car. So I may skip the DIY part of oil changes in the future.

I finally got around to a nap and to watching some football this afternoon. This evening I am sitting out in my well-mowed backyard and watching my chickens.

See? It took all weekend, but I am finally getting to relax in the yard.

Unless something else stinks, sparks, breaks, or needs a mow or an oil change.

Edit: I forgot to add that technically the dishwasher is NOT the wife' wedding anniversary present since The Mother of the Bride funded the new machine.  N0 one really wants their favorite son in law to have dishpan hands, right?

Thanks, MotB.


The Father of Five said...

That, my friend, is what I call "Murphy's Law"...

For whatever reason... I must have angered Murphy many years ago... He has been getting me back tenfold...

Trust me... You don't want to get on his bad side...

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree witrh our friend Father of five here... :)

At least u got some relaxing... I took my son, mum, wife, step father and TB cousing to LEgoland... don;t take me wrong it was cool! but no relaxing there!!! heheheh

Anonymous said...

It's highly probably that CareerMom is getting a new oven/microwave combo for Christmas, despite that fact that I do the majority of the cooking. Hey, it's just the nature of the beast!

But good for you for mowing! Did you hear a "ca-ching" in your "karma" piggy bank when you did it?

There's a lady on a street up from me and her yard is awful. I mentioned it in passing to her neighbor whom I see frequently on her walks and was told that the ladies parents are really sick and she's been away a lot. I though to myself then, "Why don't all of you neighbors mow her tiny patch-o-grass and weed her little flower bed?"

Neighbors like you make a "neighbor-hood."