Saturday, September 27, 2008

And it was such a nice plan, too.

We had a plan. And the plan was good.

We had stuff. And the stuff was good.

So Friday I bought more stuff to get the lower level of the playscape enclosed for a chicken coop. And I have to say, I did a nice job of estimating the materials I needed. I have one (1) 6 foot plank and about 3 feet of a 2x4 left over.

Friday afternoon I started by enclosing the biggest wall. Don't worry. The yellow slide will be moving soon.

Then I enclosed the playscape ladder down to the ground on one side and up to deck on the other. There should have been a small chicken-sized door under the ladder. But I was going to design that later.

The lower level of the playscape already had a side rail in place to keep kids from running into the path of oncoming swings. As a coop, that was to stay in place, with some wire above, to keep chickens safe and to let the kids still see chickens.

But if you look closely at that picture you might notice the newest resident of our chicken coop play house. Yeah, so much for THAT plan.

Here is an easier to see picture. Yep, The Princess decided that our chicken coop would make a very nice play house. After talking with The Princess, The Boss Lady and Racecar Man, I had to agree. It was way too nice for chickens.

It was much more worthy of little girls and doll house dreams; I had built a very nice play house.

I guess I will be looking for another way to enclose the converted dog house coops.

You see, I may have shanty-dwelling chickens. But I also have a happy daughter.

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You're a good Papa! What a nice weekend surprise this turned out to be for your Princess...