Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sushi schmooshi

OK, the raw fish didn't kill me. It didn't even make me sick. It just didn't taste very good. The Boss Lady finally identified the culprit as over-ripe avocado. How she knew that I dunno. But once she picked out the offensive green stuff, she snacked on the rest.

In other news. We had our fist chicken injury last night. One bird was bleeding like crazy. After finding the leaking chicken, it turned out to be a small scratch on her neck. A little triple anti-biotic creme on the cut and birdy is back with her pals. No idea what happened, but just glad it was not a bigger problem.

The kids and I start a weekly Bible club at church tonight. In a moment of early-onset-senility, back in August, I volunteered to lead the sports and games for 30 kids. After 2 hours of late night planning and 2 hours of set up at church this afternoon, everything is ready to go. Seems like a lot of work for an hour's worth of game time, though. Maybe next week the kids can just run around and chase the chickens.

Edit: I forgot to add my chicken movie: No blood or guts, just 3 little chicks getting friendly in the dust bath!

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