Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got a bigger package!

Sometime back in 1999 or Y2K, we bought the world's cheapest satellite system. One receiver. A single LNB. No frills to be found at all. We bought the equipment at Montgomery Wards when they were going out of business, so we did not have to sign a service contract. We just gave 'em $40 or so for the system and hit the road.

I signed up for the cheapest program package they offered. It included somewhere near 40 channels (15 of them worth watching) and was priced less than $30 a month. But I was thinking long term.

We get lousy over the air TV reception. When we signed up, DirectTV wasn't offering local channels on their service yet, but I knew that day would come. And soon they started offering local channel broadcasts. But only if I would ditch the $30 a month package for a $50 package. After I whined/gritched/complained enough the customer service person hooked me up with my local channels and left my wimpy package alone. (Insert wiener joke here)

Over the years they have swapped a few channels and raised the rate a few times. But I just didn't see a good reason to mess with my package. (Insert wiener joke 2 here)

Tonight I finally gave in. I wanted to add the Fox Southwest Sports channel, so that I can watch the UT vs Rice football game this weekend. To add the station, I had to upgrade my antique package. (Insert wiener joke 3 here)

After it was all said and done, the new line-up includes the local channels at no additional cost and I was still paying the $5 a month for local channel service. Plus, our costs had gone up about $6 a month. So this change ends up costing about $8 a month and gives up about 15 new channels worth watching (Once I deleted all of the shopping channels, church channels and other junk we won't watch).

Yes, I am extremely late to the party, but now I can watch Colbert and South Park on Comedy Central, Spike TV and 100 more channels. I just hope I don't get distracted by my new super-sized package (insert the rest of the wiener jokes here) and forget to watch that football game this weekend.


ms cute pants said...

Did you get the Boss Lady's permission before deleting the Shopping channels?

And did you get the Big Man upstairs' permission to delete the Church channels?

postulatesandpasttimes said...

Dude! Your package rocks!
We too are hoping we can get the UT vs. Rice game this weekend. If you look at "My Channels" on, the game is on like 15 channels. Surely to goodness--somewhere--I can watch it.
My package is old too (insert weiner joke here) and I have yet to switch. I think mine is the old "Plus package" or something.

Mike said...

Yeah, I think our service was the Family Plus or something like that. 10 news, 15 Shopping and 15 that MIGHT have something worth watching. But we had 2 Disneys and 2 Nicks, so we kept it all this time.

Ms cute pants: Now you have me worried. Maybe God isn't a University of Texas fan.

Nah, that is crazy talk....

Anonymous said...

JUST an FYI ... Direct TV is having a free Preview this weekend of the Sports Package.. not sure if this requires a certain size package..

From Dude down the block with the Fancy Satlite