Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Holey Pants!

OK, let's just get this out of the way: I do indeed sit on my butt. A lot.

TV, video games, hanging out watching the kids in the backyard - they all lead to significant amounts of time sitting. And besides that, I am good at it. You gotta have a hobby, right?

Anyways, the years of sitting have not been kind to my favorite jeans. And now it is time to offer a final goodbye to my 501s. They have let me down one last time.

You see, when I was a ninth grader I begged, pleaded and brow-beat my mom into buying me my first pair of Levi's 501 blue jeans. I kept those jeans for about 10 years before I wore them out. During high school I would usually get one pair of 501s and a couple of pair of other, less cool jeans at the start of each school year. And I was still wearing some of those Levi's until 6 or 7 years ago, when I started perfecting my sitting skillz.

Levi's 501s have been a guilty pleasure of mine for decades now. Other jeans fit, but I love me some button-fly denim and I would rather have a couple of pair of 501s than a closet full of other blue jeans. Until recently.

A few years back I noticed that my older 501s were outlasting my newer ones. Thinner denim? Moving production from the US of A to the Dominican Republic? Maybe those things led to the inferior product. Whatever. Just know that I am no longer in the market for 501s.

I just pulled on the only pair of 501s currently in my closet and noticed a gaping hole under the button fly. My drawers peeking out for the world to see. But believe me, no one wants to see THAT.

The problem? I bought them in the spring. They aren't even broken in real good yet. But they are worn out. So much for wearing these things until they are as soft as a baby's blanket.

So now, for half of the cost, I am buying my jeans at Target. And I bet they will not show off my underwear any time soon. And if they do, I can still afford to buy another pair.


The Father of Five said...

I've found that (over the years) I've "busted the seams" of a few pair of jeans as the "real estate" that is me get's ever bigger...

Are they a little "snugger" than before, thus causing additional stress upon the denim??


Now, back to our family pizza party!! Pass the double meat, extra cheese please!!

Rick said...

A few years ago I noticed the brand new Levi's denim seemed thinner. And stretchy also. Your right, they definitely don't last as long as they did in the past. The pair in the picture looks like it is about perfect for working in the garage. It is always a little warm in the garage and a little extra ventilation can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could make my jeans a little "snugger" up there!

I abandoned my 550s a while back in favor of some I found over at Stein Mart (hey, I'm wearin' 'em right now!).

For slightly less deniro, they feel fine.

Mike said...

Worst of all, I wore these to the pre school last week!

Rick, you are right. They will be garage pants for a while.

FoF, You suck. Quit pointing out the obvious and poking my plot holes.