Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ring a ding a ling.

Last October I had to replace my wedding ring. I ended up finding a really nice silver band that I like a lot. The fact that it only cost $45 was a nice perk.

After I screwed up my ring finger knuckle years ago, and added a little (quit laughing) weight over the years, my original ring was nearly impossible to take off. Still, I managed to lose it, because I am THAT good.

Last year's ring was a size bigger, than my original wedding band, to make up for the still sore, and still fat, knuckle. Evidently it wasn't enough.

A month or so ago I noticed the silver ring was making my finger hurt. Because I am REALLY , really smart, I finally figured out that it was too tight.   Monday I took that ring back in to get it resized, but the design of the ring makes it impossible to resize. (OK, I bet someone COULD do it, but it is a $45 ring and the shop that sold it to me couldn't/wouldn't do it...)

So I traded the old new ring for a bigger copy of the exact same ring. This time I added another size and a half.

Now life is good. My finger doesn't hurt.  And so long as my finger doesn't mysteriously widen itself again next year, I think this ring should be around for a long while.


ms cute pants said...

Do we get to see a picture of this ring?

Anonymous said...

You better lay off the Little Debbies and Dr. Peppers soon!!!
You'll end up looking like me!!!

UrbanVox said...

and as long as you don;t lose it again... :)