Tuesday, October 07, 2008

News from the 'hood

The chickens are heading to Show and Tell Day at The Princess' school this morning. I took the birds up there a month ago and the kids in her class had so much fun that I ended up taking the chicks to each class at the school. Today, after we make a chick appearance in The Princess' class, I hoping the chicks can just hang out with me on the playground all morning.

As far as the rest of the family news, nothing exciting going on around here. No births, deaths or new pets to report. Sorry to disappoint.

It rained last night. Which is good. Except the dog found the garden gate opened this morning. 110 pound solid white dog in a 200 square foot mud pit. Nice! Anybody need a good deal on a brownish colored Great Pyrenees dog?

The best news for our family is that the crazy neighbors (No. not the ones with dogs, cats AND chickens. Those crazy people are us!) are moving away. I'll admit I assumed they were getting divorced, since I have only seen the husband moving things out. And I didn't really care.

He is the one that made The Boss Lady think she was about to get beat up and the reason my kids have seen someone hit their own dog with a 2x4 board. So, umm, yeah. Move along, loser.

Anyways, we found out that THEY are moving AWAY and taking their yard of junk with them. 4 parts cars have already been extracted from the backyard! And The Boss Lady and I did a little dance for joy.

So now I can finally be the only crazy guy on the block! Well, except maybe for Never Mow the Yard Guy and the other dude who has been building his own lawn sprinkler system for three years.

And just for the record, my project truck lives in the garage, hidden from the neighborhood. Not in the backyard. That would be tacky.

Besides, the backyard is where the broken dishwasher lives...


Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until the new neighbors move in and start complaining about the "farm" next door *snicker*

But yeah, sounds like you won't be missing them much.

Mike said...

Oh man, you just gave me a chill to the bones.

Yeah, I better tour the neighborhood with the animals every time they have a potential buyer in that house.

UrbanVox said...

And you wouldn't wanna disturb the broken dishwasher would ya??? :)