Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It takes a lot of calls to be this sick

It is allergy season. Which means I will feel better after someone cuts down all of the cedar trees within 1000 miles of here. And all the rest of that stuff that blooms? It can burn in a raging forest fire. Hopefully fueled by the aforementioned cedar trees. So I called my doc's office on Friday. Got in on Monday and started on antibiotics about an hour later.

Then The Boss Lady got sick Sunday afternoon. Right after she got home from working in the church nursery. So we had to call the church staff Monday morning and let them know that the babies had been exposed to Ebola or whatever virus the wife was hosting. The church staff called the parents of the 2 or 3 kids that The Boss had contact with.

The Boss Lady called into work on Monday, so that I could go to the doctor's office and pharmacy without toting a child. Monday night The Princess felt bad and I was already planning to attend a funeral on Tuesday, so The Boss called in again and since I was feeling fine, I called into work and begged off for Tuesday.

On the way home from the funeral, I started feeling bad. Great, not only did my friend have to handle his mom's funeral, now I probably made his kids sick, too. The Boss Lady called to apologize.

This morning I called in sick. Tonight I was scheduled to help with the kid's Bible club at church. But I called in, to stay home and recover. No sense in making ANY MORE of my friend's children sick...

Somewhere along the way I called to cancel a Thursday playdate for The Talker. And I think I left a message that he would not be at school today, though he felt fine and went anyways.

So now I have a new theory. Maybe I should scrub the phone with Lysol. A bath in hand sanitizer gel would probably do it some good.


Anonymous said...

I would recommend one of those full bio-hazard set ups like they used in ET!

Man, and I was bummin' because MLE had a little bit of a cough yesterday!

Sorry. Hope you all feel better soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

Have your Doc prescribe some Nasonex and use it faithfully all year. It is the best thing that ever happened to my allergies. I used to get a sinus infection every other week and that is no joke. I have taken and given myself numerous allergy shots. Those work, too. Now, I can't remember the last infection I had. I think it has been a couple of years.
Mama Bear