Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not really sure why you would WANT to...

The Princess has been in an inquisitive mood this morning. All the good questions, in rapid-fire, game show format. Here is a sampling of the morning inquisition.

"All snakes are green, right daddy?

No baby girl, some are...

OH yeah, brown. You can't paint a real frog, right daddy?

Nope you can not paint live frogs.

But you can paint dead ones, right?"

Boy, am I glad it is only a 5 minute car ride home after the car pool drop off!


fidget said...

ROFL! That kid is a piece of work!

bryan said...

I'll say that is Rapid Fire!!


Anonymous said...

Should I explain about licking them???

Anonymous said...

Wait, I saw this on a test once:

Select the correct answer:
If all snakes are green
And all dead frogs are brown

Then that means that:

A) All snakes are frogs
B) All live frogs are NOT brown
C) Snakes, Frogs, and Chickens all lived on the ark together in perfect harmony.

I think the answer is "C"

Mike said...

KB (anon) - Stop licking my children!

p&p Thanks for the laugh test!