Monday, October 13, 2008

Took a hike

The Talker and I went to church Sunday morning while The Princess and The Boss Lady hung out at home. They wanted to stay home and clean house. Which worked out nicely because the boys wanted to not clean house. In the end, The Talker and I had a nice boys day yesterday.

After church and lunch (and a quick nap on the couch), the girls were watching Annie and the boy and I headed out on the greenbelt nearby. We hiked two miles or more in the greenbelt. Most of our hiking was on trails, but we spent a lot of time exploring in the dry creek beds. We had a blast and saw some cool stuff.

Monarch butterflies, cool rocks, tiny fish in the creek. They were all out there, waiting to be found. But more than anything it was nice to have a couple of hours to just chat with the boy.

I didn't feel like dragging the camera with us yesterday, so we have no pictures, but I am hopeful that these are the types of images The Talker recalls from his childhood.

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AMR said...

I bet they will be. You know he'll want to go again soon.