Thursday, October 23, 2008

The re-chickening

Yep, I am a soft touch. Yep, the kids pretty much walk all over me and get whatever they want. We all know this, so move along.

We are back in the chicken business. The kids were so excited when I let them know the Buff Orpingtons and Light Brahmas were back in stock at the farm store that I could not see making them wait until Saturday to pick up our newest feathered friends.

Since the last birds thrived (except for that whole ending thing...) I decided to go with only 4 birds this time. Six were fun, but the reality was that 6 mature 7 pound chickens were going to hard to accommodate in coop space. Four should work better when they are full grown.

But if neighbor dog gets these, then I guess we will shutter our backyard poultry operations.


The Father of Five said...

They look just like a McNugget kids meal!

Glad to hear your back in the chicken biz!!!

Mike said...

Great minds, David...

I was telling the kids on the way home that we should name them

Fil A

fidget said...

yay! back in the chikin biz!

ms cute pants said...

They are so cute. Don't you wish they'd just stay that way...