Thursday, October 16, 2008

It must have been an epic battle

But the chicken troops evidently didn't muster enough man power, err hen power, to put up much of a fight. Especially for fighting a turncoat.

The dog had a 6 course chicken dinner this afternoon while we were at Costco. Yep, the same dog who snuggled up next to the brooder and looked like he wanted to protect our chicks. 'Twas all an act.

Evidently he just wanted to make sure they were big enough to eat. No sense in chewing through all of those feathers for a chicken nugget, right?

So we are out of the chicken business for a while.

For the record: Burial with full chicken honors, took place immediately following the battle, in the dumpster behind the convenience store up the street.


The Father of Five said...

Dang... Sorry to hear that man... I've been enjoying the chicken stories.

Mike said...

Yeah, it sucks. It was a fun project for the family.

And upon further review, Kodak isn't going to take the blame for this one.

Anonymous said...

HA HA! Oh man, I'm so sorry i missed this previously!

Those sneaky dogs!

Mine brought a rabbit head on the porch this weekend. I think they meant it in a "Horse head in the bed" kinda Copolla moment, but I wasn't home to appreciate the dramatic effect.

CareerMom was NOT impressed.

ms cute pants said...

Oh that's so sad to hear! I am very sad for your kids!!!