Sunday, October 26, 2008

News from the hood

A quick count this morning revealed that everyone is still alive and kicking around here. 4 people of various ages and intelligence levels, 2 cats, 1 dog and 4 chickens all accounted for. So we are already off to an OK start.

Nothing great going on here. Pizza Party Playdate with lots of cousins hanging out here on Friday night. Football and lots of shopping at Target on Saturday. FYI, I may never see my wife again, Target has opened a store less than 3 miles from our house.

Racecar Man and his family offered up (OK, I begged for it) a dog kennel that they used for their chickens and rabbits. Yep, the same rabbit that died while in my care. Sounds a little suspicious? I don't know. Whatever do you mean?

Anyways, we moved the kennel/coop down to our house yesterday and I am going to prep it to become Chicken Cractor V2.0. The old Cractor played no part in the demise of my birdies but I figure we need to be more like Fort Knox around here if I am going to protect these new chicks. Since the new chicks have a few more weeks of kitchen living, I have a while until I have to have that project finished up. Translated from AtHomeDaddySpeak that means "I won't even start on that project for a few more weeks."

Anyways, life is good, allergies are not. The wife and girl are off at church. The boy, the pets and I are taking turns playing Wii, surfing the internet and eating chicken feed out of a Tupperware bowl.

Good times!

Just a little blog housekeeping over here. I started using labels with my new posts. Check the right sidebar for categories. I'll add new labels as the lies stories grow unfold.

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