Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Volunteer pay is for the birds

We are officially back to school, now. The Princess' part-time preschool program started today. So once again I am trying to figure out 3 different school schedules. Add to the general busy-ness of elementary and preschool. The Talker is going to try out the local YMCA Adventure Guides program this fall. And both of the kids will be back in AWANAs at our new church.

Taking leave of my good senses, I agreed to run the game time at AWANAs and help out with the monthly camp outs in Adventure Guides. Plus I am supposed to help organize the quarterly playground cleanup days at the preschool. And I was planning to help out with the landscaping and gardening at The Talker's school. Though I didn't seem to be too much help up there last year.

And now that we are all busy during the week, I need Saturdays for my mowing jobs. Boy, am I glad I have only 3 yards to mow!

Why would I agree to help out with all of this? Am I an over achiever? No. Seriously, have you SEEN the way I dress? But I am an idiot who forgot to check the family Google calendars to see that life was already busy enough.

So now it is official, We are fully booked. There is no room in the schedule for any other distractions. Or committees, meetings or volunteering.

Of course if I think up a new hobby or two anytime this fall, I MIGHT be able to squeeze that in....


Russ said...

Three yards to mow? I feel like such a punk only mowing two.

Dad Stuff said...

I hope you still have time for the chickens.

Rick said...

I hope you got the camping trip on the calendar before something else gets mark in that spot

Mike said...

It's there, but seems to be getting pushed further down the To-do list every day.