Monday, September 15, 2008


OK, so I have spent enough time bitching and whining about The AtHomeFamily's busy schedule. And I also understand that everyone else is just as busy. So I figure I should go a different direction today.

The weather is perfect. 70 degrees and a nice breeze. The Talker was a little worried that it might be cold enough to snow on his way to school. The Princess and I are home today. Nothing scheduled except a trip to the grocery store and lunch with The Talker at school.

I got my yard mowed this morning. On a Monday. Which means I didn't have to mow it on Saturday so that is one less busy thing I had to get done last weekend. And the only math I remember from college is that less busy always = good.

Anyways, we have been hanging out, watching the chickens. And The Princess has been playing dolls on the front porch. It is a good day to be around the house, I tell ya.

For everyone except Phillip, that is. Somehow he got caught by The Princess and had to wear the wedding dress.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Philip...the other dolls are NEVER gonna let him live this one down.