Monday, February 14, 2005

Wanna Buy an Escort?

1995 LX Wagon. Black. Asking $20,000.

By the time you receive the car it will have a one year old paint job, brand new tires, new brakes and rotors all around, new lower ball joints, an alignment, a new radiator, a new serpentine belt, a new timing belt, new motor mounts and one brand new wheel.

Cold AC, drives nice.

At least it will when we get it back from the shop, on Wednesday. And to think we just took in for front brakes and to help diagnose a thump in the front end... Glad I did not ask them to be too detailed when they gave it the once over.


Chip said...

and they say a house is a money pit...

Mike said...

Well, they might still be right. If this car costs us anymore money, we might end up living in it!