Thursday, April 02, 2009

Doubling down on Daylight Savings Time

There are at least two ways NOT to start a morning. I have just experienced them both:

First we are out of Dr Pepper. Never a good way to get moving.

But the bigger issue is the fact that The Talker just erased an hour from my morning and probably a few days from my life by startling me awake with "Dad, wake up! It is 7:42."

Crap on a crippity cracker, the absolutely latest possible moment for us to leave the house, drive to carpool AND be on time to school is 7:30. For some reason, leaving at 7:31 will make us at least 5 minutes late.

As I was running out from under the covers I had a moment of lucidity. I checked my atomic alarm clock. That sucker is never wrong, and it showed 6:42. Still a little late for wake up, getting everyone dressed and all the usual morning stuff, but not an insurmountable hole to dig out of, either.

We will still make it to school on time this morning. As long a I get us out the door within 32 minutes.

Ready, set, go!


Anonymous said...

Part of me wants to ignore the obvious here and let you go about your day, safe in the knowledge that you DID, in fact, blog today and so therefore you're off the hook.

But the other part of me, the part that is jealous that you got to sleep that late, wants to say, "...and you had time to blog?"


Mike said...


I'll admit, I ALMOST changed the timed to protect those guilty of sleeping too late. I should have said 5:42!

That would have kept the wife from getting mad at me, too.