Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to the gun show!

My newest favorite photo of Mike 2.0.

Taken after he kept all shots out of the goal in his first ever try at Goal Keeper.


Anonymous said...

That boy's fierce!
I've been meaning to look for a gun, but by the time I get the gun and the safe to keep it in, it's coming in outside of my "rainy day" budget. Plus, I hear guns are more valuable than Gold right now, so good luck finding one.

I don't know, some people might look at that and say, "Well, this country's going to heck in a handbasket."

I'm thinkin...more people with guns...AKA: Agendas...might get this country back on track.

fidget said...

ha! that's awesome

AMR said...

Paraphrasing the great Ric Flair: "To all you ladies out there in Austin, TX -- you may not have been first, but you always have the opportunity to be next. WOOOOOO!"

Mike said...


I think I just laughed so hard that I think I snorted Dr Pepper.

Thanks for burning my membranes.