Thursday, October 01, 2009

Corrupting the future

This morning I went up to our church and helped out in the nursery, while the young moms of the church had a Bible study time. They met all last year and I took a fair amount of teasing from some of the guys at church, wondering if I, as the sole Stay at Home Dad around, would jump into the middle of the Stay at Home Mommy group. I assure you I never did.

When they started up the group again this school year, I told some of the ladies who organize the group that I could help out with the childcare if they ever came up short handed. They are only a couple of weeks in to a new session, but they called my bluff. Actually, it was a serious offer. I still remember a little bit about those looooooooooooooooooooooooong days at home with crying/screaming/teething/wailing/weeping/whining babies. And I remember how important it was to get together with guys who were in the same boat.

A couple of the moms, who I did not know beforehand, seemed a little surprised to see a dude in the nursery. I let the moms I did know explain to them who I was and I hung out with the 2 and 3 year old kids. We played cars, dolls, kitchen dress up and artist. And we did it all at the same time! It was a good couple of hours.

I guess I built up some good karma because while waiting at the bus stop a neighbor asked if the kids could come up and play for a while. Now that we whipped through homework, my progeny are hanging out up the hill and I have extended the quiet time in my house by another half hour or so.

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