Saturday, October 10, 2009

Log time, little blog

I haven't had much to say lately. Odd, I know. But every time I sit down to blog, it just sounds like a big whine-fest.

The kids have settled into school, The Boss Lady has gotten herself into the groove of a new job and here I am, hanging at the house and watching the world go by.

One reason I haven't blogged much lately is that I just don't think anyone really cares that I watched ANOTHER episode of Hitler's Bodyguard on the Military Channel. To put it mildly, this whole staying at home without kids around really hasn't turned out to be my favorite thing.

Over the years I have joked many times about being The Boss Lady's personal mooch. But I have always been really secure in my knowledge that my having a paying job was unimportant to our family. Letting the kids grow up at home has always been a much more important focus than whatever income we were giving up. However, I had a little part time job for the last couple of years and now, without those few hours of work, I am realizing that I bore myself to tears.

The Boss Lady and I are also big supporters of public education. So no one should really be surprised that we never considered home schooling or private schools as viable options for our family. I will refrain from entering into a discussion of the positive and negative aspects of different educational systems. But there are days that I think 'if the kids were home, doing school, at least I would be of some benefit around here.'

I put in several job applications a month or so back. I did not hear a single word from any of the employers, so I have pretty much given up on finding a part time job. For the time being I am trying to keep busy by making myself healthier and trying to benefit our community. I have started hitting the gym a couple of times a week. It has been at least a year and I really want to lose 25 pounds that seem to be following me from couch to couch. Seriously though, I am trying to limit my couch time by volunteering at our church. Plus, I have some other commitments with community organizations that I try to fulfill in the evenings, after The Boss Lady gets home from work.

Anyways, all that whining was really just to say that things are about the same around here. Even though I am pretty much ready for some change and the TV and couch are probably ready for me to find something else to do, too.


KC said...

Your time's valuable even if you aren't paid for it. Volunteer to help out some nonprofits (schools included) any way that makes you happy.

Rick said...

New job for the Boss Lady? I don't remember seeing this on the blog.