Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Interview day

This afternoon I have a couple of different job interviews lined up. The first is a little outside of my experience, but the school year is looming and this may be my best opportunity to get a foot (slammed) in the door.

This interview is for a middle school (grades 6-8) English Language Arts teacher. It is a Special Education position because it would have me working with students who are not reading or writing on an appropriate grade level. The ultimate goal is to bring the kids a little closer to grade level (and to get the 8th graders to pass their state writing tests).

There is a lot to do in that position for an experienced teacher and I am not yet convinced that it is even possible for a first year teacher.

Later (but not much later) I have an interview for a high school special education teacher's assistant. This would not put me in charge of a class. Instead I would be an assistant teacher, working with the students at the direction of a (hopefully) more experienced teacher.

The biggest problem is that the two interviews are at schools 30 minutes apart. And they interviews are scheduled for about 2 hours time difference. So there is just enough time to finish the first before I rush over to the second interview.


EdathomeDad said...

Best of luck to you. I'm in a similar situation of being a stay at home dad on the long trail of finding employment.

Jen said...

Good luck!!

Rick said...

Good luck