Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's all over but the crying

Naming. I meant that it is all over but the NAMING.

I finished the new chicken coop. Roof, side walls, wire. The whole deal. The hens and chicks even slept in it last night.


Like all things around here it needs a name. There are the usual names, The Hen House, Pollo Palace, The Egg Factory. But I have also come up with stolen a couple of more clever ideas. We live not very far from the site of the original Chicken Ranch. If you don't know, here is a Handbook of Texas Online link to get yourself all edjumacated. I long ago dubbed the backyard The Chicken Ranch. But the name could certainly be transferred to the new coop. If we go with this name we will be adding a sign over the door that says simply "Good Lays. All Days." Subtle, no?

Another idea, Fowl-catraz. Blatantly stolen off of the forums at Hopefully this coop is going to prove to be secure to prevent escape AND to resist attack from marauding gangs of neighbor dogs.

But my current favorite, and the only original idea in the lot, is an homage to my pal Father of Five, Coop-acabra. No idea what a chupacabra is? No fear, I'll give you a link to follow. That is what good teachers do, right? So go here.

Other ideas? Send 'em in. Otherwise enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Detail of the metal roof

The 2 month-olds are not too sure about the new coop.

The big hens are right at home.

Still need to paint the inside.
That is a job for the kids one weekend this fall.

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Jeff said...

Hello AHD--

I was following the adventures of FoF in Texas and he mentioned that you were an urban chicken rancher. I had never heard of such a thing, but I was interested. I have had a fascination with chickens, but I live within the city limits of a small town. I often tell my wife that if we ever move again, it will be far enough into the country to have some free-range chickens scattered about. I considered sneaking a few in my backyard... to which my wife rolled her eyes and said something about another hair-brained idea. BUT... people actually DO this in areas like mine. I have since read (or at least skimmed) the entire 90 posts of the "Here, Chicky, Chicky" series. Maybe, just maybe, I can someday talk her into some backyard chickens... but she said something about first finishing the kitchen renovation I started much too long ago, so she has a place to cook the eggs they lay...