Monday, August 23, 2010

Lean and mean learnin' machines

The first day of school was a success for the entire AtHomeFam, even though we were spread across an entire school district. The kids go to an elementary school about 2 miles from the high school where I work. The Boss Lady works a few miles further out.

So for the first time ever we car-pooled to school. Drop off at the elementary went without a hitch. The Boss dropped me at the high school after a minimum amount of crying and whining. Then she got her day started at the office.

I spent my first day on the go. I think we are off to a good start and with this much running around the campus, I bet the extra 20 pounds I picked up as a professional couch surfer/ AtHomer will be gone by Thanksgiving.

The only hiccups in our day came late. The kid's bus dropped them off at my school about 30 minutes later than scheduled. In the end it was OK. That was 30 minutes that I did not have to entertain the kiddos after school and we left for home just a few minutes after they arrived. Also, somewhere along the way The Talker managed to lose his first lunchbox of the school year.

All in all, this was not a bad day.


George Rust said...

You are going to change the name of your blogspot Mr. "AtHomeDaddy".
Love the chicken coop, now I just need Cedar Park to wise up and be cool like Austin and allow me some fowl.

Rick said...

Looks like that job thing is getting in the way of your blogging gig.

It happens to me a lot too.