Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wireless workaround

Other than trying to swap out telephone jacks, I haven't had time to track down any of the problems we are having inside our walls. The phone jack transplant did not work, so it is time to do some more extensive exploratory surgery. But this week looks to be pretty busy, too.

For the past couple of weeks I have been dragging a DSL cable to a phone jack across the living room. It made for a nice tripping hazard right in the entry hall. I picked up a cheap pci wireless card today for the family desktop computer.

Now I have the modem and router stashed out of sight in another room. And most importantly, no more cables to trip over in the hall.


Terry said...

Hope you had better luck hooking up the wireless router. It took me three phone calls and 2 hours of tech support to get mine working. The modem and router would not communicate.

Mike said...

I got lucky. I bought the cheapest router a while back and it worked with the wife's laptop and her PDA right away.

I just installed the wireless card in the desktop machine and I bought one from teh same company that built the router.

Only little hassles setting up and no problems so far.