Saturday, March 29, 2008


We just returned from The Talker's first soccer game of the season. Of course, after running around on the field, trying to keep 5 kids at a time organized at least enough to all kick the ball at the same goal, I think I am done with my exercise for the day.

The Talker is playing his last season on a YMCA Kinder Soccer team. It is a fairly non competitive league. Heck, we are not even keeping track of the score. The kids? They keep up with the score because kindergartners can count. But officially it is one of those everybody wins type of things.

Now don't come in here bitching that AtHomeDaddy is a dyed-in-the red commie. I am all for competition, even in youth sports. Yeah for America and for capitalism. Crush the enemy and all that. The Talker just does not need that type of competition. Yet.

As for me? I'll just count the season a success if we can learn to keep our hands off the freakin' ball. But at this rate, I am not expecting that to happen any time soon.

And until it does, we won't worry about crushing the enemy on the other side of the soccer field.

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Terry said...

I had a comment, but I think it might have been too crude to publish... So, I will laugh by myself on that one.