Saturday, March 29, 2008

Because I know you couldn't sleep
until I told you

I took Terry and Jen's advice and renewed our cell phone contract for another two years. New freebie phone should be here Monday, but I chickened out and did not spend the $ to get a cool slider/smartphone/gps enabled/mp3 playing/video broadcasting unit. Heck it isn't even a flip phone.

So the teens will still laugh at me, but i get to laugh at The Boss Lady, since I ordered her a pink phone. The girl may like pink frilly stuff, but the momma, not so much. Heck, I only had to listen to her whine for a month when the kids bought her purple Crocs.

Hey, if she did not want the pink one, she should have beat me to the online order form.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Mike,
Been lurking. But I decided to comment on the phone thing. I got a letter from AT&T/Cingular yesterday offering me a deal to renew my contract. 2 years sure passes fast. I don't really need a new phone and if I renew, I'll lose 2000 acumulated rollover minutes so I'm just holding steady to see what else they offer. I've been with them for 4+ years and its been a good relationship.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

My Dad got my mom a pink phone, too! Haha That's funny! Glad it all worked out for you guys!

Terry said...

Ooohhh Mike. Tell me you didn't! I hope the Boss Lady doesn't kick your arse... Ewwwww PINK!!

side note.. I never lost roll-over minutes with a renewal, only if I changed my existing plan, but not on a renewal...:(

Mike said...

If the woman hasn't kicked me in the arse for all the crap I have dished out in the last 15 years, then I doubt the pink phone will push her over the edge.

But there is always that ONE straw that breaks the camel down, right?