Sunday, March 30, 2008

We are famous!

and it is about time that the AtHomeFam gets the respect we deserve.

Yep, we made it to Street View on Google Maps.

Some people are worried about invasion of privacy and all that. Me? I am just sad that we did not know the Googlecar was coming by.

The Christmas balloons were not aired up. ThePolar Bear and Winnie the Pooh balloons are the colored blobs laying flat in the middle of the yard. And besides, I could have made one of my famous in-the-buff streaks around the neighborhood.

Maybe there is a reason they don't tell guys like me where they are headed next.

For the record I have narrowed down the date this pic was taken. Obviously at Christmas, because there is a wreath on the garage and the aforementioned balloons. Definitely this year since I did not have that car last Christmas. And more specifically, it was between Dec 5th, when I set up the decorations and Jan 5th, when I finally got around to putting them all away.

Actually, I know it to be at least a few days after that, because I put up a Santa balloon closer to the street, but it had a hole in it right out the box. After trying to make it work for a week or so, I dumped it on our next trash day, most likely the 18th of Dec.

Also, The Talker's school parking lot was totally empty when I took a look over there. So assuming that the streets were photographed the same day, I would bet that he was already out for Winter Break. And if that is true, then The Boss Lady would have been out on her Winter Break too, which likely means that she was Christmas shopping when the Googlecar rolled through the 'hood.

Yes, this is the type of trivial information that clogs my brain and keeps me from being able to do Algebra.



And also scary. Be thankful your shot was not a closer one where one would be able to see thru your living room window.

The Father of Five said...

"keeps me from being able to do Algebra"...

Keeps you from being able to do it.. It sounds like it IS Algebra..

Actualy it sounds more like my days of programing BASIC on my TI-99..

"IF the was a wreath on the house THEN it was after I hung the decorations"

"IF The Boss Lady's car is not in the driveway THEN (DATE)>=(Winter Break)"