Saturday, March 15, 2008

Need to feel young again?

Or at least a little less old?

Go hit up the U23D movie when it comes by. The Boss Lady and I went on our first date in about a decade tonight. We went to see U23D in an IMAX theater and followed up that awesome show with a little Frito Pie at Texas Chili Parlor.

Thus concludes the blog-able portion of this evening. Good night.


Terry said...

Touche' old man..... I checked the listings and it seems that this little jewel of an experience has past me by...

Didn't a few of us load up in the old BUG and go see Rattle and Hum back in the day... I remember my mother letting me go do something, because as an honorary family member... she trusted not let me run away and reek havoc out on the town.

Terry said...

oops..i meant 'passed'

Rick said...

It only lasted a week here. I was unable to convince the little people they would enjoy it it while it was here. So I missed it.

T F O Doe, Electric Co.

AtHomeDaddy said...

It is here until mid-April. You guys fly in and I'll shuttle you to the IMAX and back to the airport.

But I am not paying for your food or beers. So bring spending $.

Anonymous said...

But this would require my completely forgetting about what a cornball activist bully he's become.

Maybe if it's a "Joshua Tree" movie, with maybe one or two songs from each album mixed in.

Call my crazy, but much like Pearl Jam, they peaked on their first try.

But..hee hee...I did me fine romancing with some "With or Without You" in the background; you know...back in the day.