Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, they DID have a 30 minute head start!

It is official. My garage is/was a freakin' disaster area. That entire wing of our estate should be condemned/torched/abandoned.

I walked outside this morning, and noticed that it was a perfectly gorgeous Saturday. Our neighbors were having a garage sale. Lots of traffic on the street and lots of people milling around. A perfect time to expose the dump that is my car-house*.

* car-house (noun) A barn/building/shed big enough to store a car.
My grandpa called the barn closest to his house a car-house. I have no idea why, there was never a car in there. Just a big pile of junk. Much like my car-house.

I always seem to have too many projects half-started or half-finished. And I never, ever get around to putting everything back were it belongs. After a few months/years. It gets to be quiet a sight. Throw in a half complete 40 year old truck, and you have the makings of a horror movie set.

I organized. I straightened. I swept and I reorganized. Heck, I even managed to wash a load of laundry in the meantime. I spent a couple of hours out there. And I still am not finished. I need to finish organizing all of my hand tools and camping gear. Which are the two piles that were mostly mucking everything up in the first place...

After I had been working for a while, I noticed that the neighbors garage sale was over and they had already gone inside to count their pile of small bills. Which makes me feel really bad. Because evidently I could have sold this crap pile quicker than I can clean it up.

Anybody want a good deal on a pile of assorted tools and tents?


Terry said...

You are just ready for Junkin' Season....which you love,so don't give me that whiny 'I worked all day cleaning out the car-house' routine.

Mike said...

You are trying to break my heart. Junkin' just passed and it was a rainy wash-out.