Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pre-School Musical

Around our house Annie is the current big thing. The Boss Lady loved it when she was a grade-schooler. Now our kids are watching it every chance they get.

Way back before Annie came to stay in our DVD player, though, The Princess wrote her own song. I have tried for the longest time to catch it on video, audio tape, a telephone answering machine. Anything. But the girl will not perform on cue. Prima donnas, what can you do?

So now I give you:

The Bad Princess Song
Words and music by The Princess

(Sung to the tune of: well, that gets a little complicated.
See it starts off sounding like the intro to It's a Big World. But it quickly
moves into this Pink Houses/We Will Rock You thing.)

I'm a bad princess
A bad, bad princess

I don't like people

And I've got my red eyes
My red, red eyes

I live in a castle
But I won't let you in
Won't let you in

The words are kid of fluid and ever-changing after the 'red, red eyes' line. But the first part of The Bad Princess Song never changes. Ever. Under penalty of torture.

While I was double checking the wording with the singer/songwriter, I missed one word. And she threatened to turn me into a toad.

Gosh! Most artists just complain that the publisher is ripping them off with a lousy contract...

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