Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just Talkin'

Now that The Talker is old enough to have an occasional conversation, I am constantly amazed by his insights and I wonder about the things that really get his brain working.

This morning I was flipping news channels back and forth between CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. The Democratic Party primary system down here in Texas seemed to be the hot topic of the morning news. So the Talker started sharing his knowledge of the U.S. election process. And other than thinking we are electing a new President TODAY, I am impressed by how much he understands.

2 parties, check. Main players by name and on sight, check. Knowing that adults vote and kids don't, check. He knows that his mom and I voted early, to miss the chaos today. And he gets a bonus point for knowing that all the signs around town are trying to "sell you to vote for that guy" (his words, not mine). Plus, a game winning, final point for understanding that not all countries elect leaders in the same way.

While we were in the car, on the way to school, The Talker was verbally trotting along, just sharing everything he knew about elections when he hit a stumbling block. New York.

Seems that the boy doesn't know for sure if New Yorkers are allowed to vote. I assured him that they are. Then he wanted to know who MAKES them vote. I tried to convince him that voting is a choice. But he would have none of my nonsense when thinking about New York. He seems absolutely convinced that New Yorkers are forced to line up and vote.

I tried to get the boy off of New York's back. I tried to change the subject. Heck, I even turned on the 80's rock station that usually gets him pumped up in the morning, but somehow just makes me feel really old... But he stuck with New York voting rights.

Since his school is a polling place, there were signs and campaign staffers lining all of the sidewalks into the building. As we pulled up in front of the building he hopped out of the car. I wished him a good day. He reminded me "Don't forget to vote again."

Yep, even though the boy has only stepped outside of Texas once in his life, he sounds just like a good New York politician.

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Anonymous said...

"Vote early, vote often." The essence of politics. The Talker is one smart cookie.