Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knocking out the Honey-Do list in 37,000 steps

I packed up the Christmas tree and most of the inside decorations on Thursday. And since then they have been in the middle of the living room, waiting for a ride to the attic. Which I promised The Boss Lady I would provide once the weekend arrived.

This morning I also planned to get the outside lights and decorations taken down and packed up, so that I would only need to make one trip into the attic. Hopping up on the roof to take down lights is no problem. Packing up the giant Winnie the Pooh and Tigger scene is no problem. Likewise, tackling the giant polar bear inflatable is no hassle.

The only trouble was getting TO the attic. Seems there is a partially disassembled truck in the way. So I spent several hours getting the truck put together enough that I could steer it out of the garage, where it was parked at such an angle that I could not roll it straight out of the garage.

After a few hours of parts installation I had the truck movable, granting access to the attic. It also allowed me enough room to get to my ladder. So I hopped on the roof, yanked the lights down and packed away the rest of the decorations. Three or four loads went up to storage and The Boss Lady helped me push the truck back into the garage. My entire weekend chore list was finished before nap time.

So what did your have to move to get your decorations back into storage?


Love Bears All Things said...

I want to know how she gets you to take down and put away the tree and decorations. I must be doing somthing wrong. After I got the 3 pieces of the tree upstairs and in the box, J taped the box and moved it 6 feet into the attic. He will take down the lights on the house, though. It took a long time to pack away everything.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

I had to get my husband moving! I was the one on the ladder getting lights & things down LAST Saturday. I also got all the items into boxes/containers. All he had to do was stack the boxes into the far corner of the garage. He likes it a certain way so it takes up the least amount of room.

Angel said...

Great job.

I had to move things I still needed to unpack. It caused me to unpack them and oddly enough I had more room in storage AFTER putting my Christmas stuff away. LOL.

Ahhhh a helpful man is hard to find. Keep up the great work!