Monday, January 07, 2008

I guess I should have been there

I had something really great to blog about. It was profound. Earth-shattering, really.

Then I walked. All. The. Way. To. The. Computer.

Now it is gone.

This moment of insanity brought to you by an excess of Jack Daniels Dr Pepper and a little too much college football in the past week.

You are welcome.

At least I can still type.


Angel said...

Ha. That truly amused me. Thank you.

Mike said...

Quit typing so loud. That Jack Daniels, I mean Dr Pepper is still sloshing around in my brain...


I am so glad we have YOU to amuse us. Clearly it doesn't make a difference if it's with Jack or the Doc in tow. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!