Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TV junkies

My kids watch more TV than I would like. They probably watch more than some of their friends, but not as much as others. But they aren't so crazy about TV that they cannot function without it. Or BECAUSE OF it.

Yesterday we were waiting in a Dentist's office waiting room. And this place was decked out for the kids. There was an XBox and a touch screen computer for the youngest patients. High on the wall they had a flat screen TV that was hooked to the office computers, so that they could use iTunes to run the movies. It was a pretty slick setup.

My kids played with the computers and basically ignored the movie. I was impressed by the size of that screen hanging on the wall and caught myself dreaming of a TV that big in my living room.

Anyways, I had to laugh at some other kids in the waiting room, when the mom had to ask for the TV to be turned off, so that she could get her kid's attention. The mom called each of their names at least a dozen times, but they gave absolutely no response. Not even a blink. It was a little creepy.

One of the girls even held her gaze on the TV at least three or four seconds AFTER it was turned off. And I think she glanced back at it as she was walking back to the exam room.

Anyways, the mom announced that "We don't have TV in our house. So they just get a little excited."

Whatever. As of this morning, I am calling that mom out. She is a liar and her kids are just TV junkies. Oh, she might be telling basic truth. I haven't seen their house. But guess who was throwing a fit in the school parking lot this morning because the dual monitor DVD system in the Honda Odyssey was about to be turned off.

You got it the very same kids. Both kids wailing in the school parking lot. Because of TVs that they don't have. And all through the dual-fit? The movie played on...

It was cool. And I laughed out loud. No TV indeed.

See, The Talker and The Princess watched a show this morning. And we left for school when it was over. The only tears shed came when they raced to turn OFF the TV and The Princess slipped on the tile floor.

AND we made it to school on time. So take that, No TV Momma.


Unknown said...

TV/DVDs in cars in just plain evil.

I know someone myself who rallies about the fact that kids shouldn't watch so much TV but then has the dual DVD screens in the SUV.

And to think, I use to just look out the window and daydream...

Mike said...

Full disclosure time:

We own a dual DVD system for the cars. But we are cheap and it is one of those portable ones that can be easily removed from the car and left at home.

In fact, it only ever gets put into the car for out of town car trips.

And I LOVE it when it is there...

Ginger said...

Our kids are currently in a phase where they do a lot of playing together and very little TV watching. I like this because I can feel good about my parenting skills even if it is really not my doing. We have portable DVDs for the car trips, too. But not for riding around town.