Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I should never multi-task

So there I was, walking through the living room, talking on the phone to my mom, and carrying a laundry basket full of clean clothes.

And much like back in November, I slammed my toe into a chair. Pretty sure this one is broken, too.

I swear we are buying some of that European cardboard furniture and getting rid of this heavy antique stuff we have all over the dang place. Family heirlooms? More like antique torture devices. Anyone up for some sewing table water-boarding?

I can see myself watching TV in this. I really can.
Anybody have 69 Euro you want to donate to my toe preservation fund?

P.S. Unlike last time, my toe was not the only casualty yesterday. I dropped the phone when I hit the chair. And just like my toe, the cordless phone seems to be a little broken, too.


Leighton @ My Best Investments said...


Instead of the cardboard stuff, you could go with a beanbag chair theme. Or take all the furniture out and fill the room with packing peanuts.

Anonymous said...

See, be careful when you make fun of ME when I'm stuck in a hotel full of 1,400 cheerleaders! The toe demons will come after you. Now that the cheerleaders have moved out, the Mitt Romney Press Corps are up partying until 3 after last night's win. Mitt is here tonight, so hopefully they will tone down the festivities.


Mike said...

Ready? OK!

Toe bits
Four bits
Six bits
A dollar...

I really hope Mitt stays up and hollers...

Mike said...


Terry said...

TOE BITS ?!?!?????

OMG and that picture... Yowser!! Dude, I think you should go ahead and resign yourself to the fact that you don't deserve to have toes. Plus, I am thinking it would be a whole lot harder to break a Stumpy Wayne...