Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Whining in 3 ...2 ...1... And go...

This week is already setting a new record on the suck-o-meter. A funeral on Monday is no way to start a week. Then there is the impending doom that is a 4 day business trip for The Boss Lady starting on Friday.

Those two things make a pretty nice pair of bookends for all of the crap that seems to be going on the next couple of days.

Yesterday The Princess and I never left the house. Today, thanks to a nice raging migraine, we would repeat that excitement. Except I am scheduled to work and I have already missed a bunch of days. So I'll suck it up drag my carcass to work. Besides, then I have a LIVE audience to whine to!

Added to the fun, It it is raining. Which means that I get to play INSIDE with 6 classes of kids. I just want to barf thinking of the noise to come...

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