Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Solo celebration. Just the right speed of revelry.

A few years back I had nice area set up for back yard cookouts. But it most often was used just as a great hangout spot for the dads. One of the neighbor's named it the White Trash Fire Pit, but you'll know that he was ALWAYS here when I lit a fire in the thing.

I am sure he was jealous of my creativity. Or maybe he was cold.

The White Trash Fire Pit met it's end a while back. Since then we have had no backyard bonfires. But last night I ended that streak with a pile of old rotten cedar limbs and a pink washtub.

Why pink? Because it was the only washtub we had. Besides, the fire burned off all the paint, so it isn't pink anymore...

Anyways, I knew the dog would not relax once neighbors started lighting fireworks. The wife and kids had gone to bed earlier, so I decided to celebrate New Years out in the yard, cozying up to The Big White Dog and a flaming pink washtub while we listened to the neighbors try to blow up their yards.

Yep, it was just my kind of party.

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