Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Yards, the Yards, the Yards are on Fire

A few years ago, Everyone in our neighborhood bought small patio fireplaces, most were pottery chimeneas. These never seem to last very long, possibly because AtHomeDaddy is friends with a bunch of pyromaniacs. They would build bonfires and the pottery would crack due to the high heat. The AtHomeFamily looked several times for a patio fireplace, but The Boss Lady would never jar loose of the $100 to get one.

Now, all of our neighbors have moved up to Fire Bowls, mostly large copper bowls with no cover or grate. But they still try to build bonfires, so the copper bowls might not hold up for too long, either.

When the first Fire Bowl showed up in the neighborhood, AtHomeDaddy begged for one, but The Boss Lady did not want to shell out $150 for it, so it was time to improvise. And The Whitetrash Fire Pit was born!

I had a charcoal grill that had a broken leg. It was sitting by the house waiting for bulky trash pick up. I also had a big galvanized washtub. I yanked the rest of the legs off of the grill, put it in the washtub, hoping it would allow more air into the firepit. Then we built a REAL bonfire and got warm. This was a good system. Cheap and able to handle bigger fires than the neighbor's wimpy little fire bowls.

The Whitetrash Fire Pit has gone through a couple of changes, but it is still used. On cold nights, the neighbors will ask us to light the WTFP. Last night, when the neighborhood guys were playing basketball and enjoying the itty-bitty fire that was burning in Other Dad's copper fire bowl, AtHomeDaddy was smug. Several times someone mentioned the need for the WTFP, since the wimpy fire in the copper fire bowl just was not cutting through the chill.

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