Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fishing Report

Weekend Fishing trip - A complete success! Just because you are so interested, here is the fish tally for this weekend:

Three Red Drum, two were keepers, one 24" 4 1/2 pounds and one 28 1/2" 6 1/2 pounds. Both will be dinner one night this week. The other was a 14" long throwback.

Three Flounder, two throwbacks 14" and 10", and one keeper, 16" and 3 pounds that will be going on the grill Monday night.

Two Black Drum, one 20" and one 12", both throwbacks.

Fourteen Hardhead Catfish. All throwbacks.

The larger red drum and both black drum were caught on the sail line. I caught the other red drum using squid and the flounder using artificial lures. All but two of the flounder were caught on Pop's brand new dock. The other flounder were caught in town on the public fishing piers.

The last catch of the weekend was the best of all. I was trying out a brand new rod and reel, an early Christmas present from Pops, when I bent over to pick up a flounder and I knocked the rod into the water. After providing a laugh for the locals, someone loaned me a long-handled net and I fished my new rod out of the bay. Thank Goodness for low tide.

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