Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Road Trip - Day one update

Nothing exciting while on the road. 3 hours, 15 minutes, door to door, one stop. Almost perfect for a car trip with The Talker and The Princess and The Big White Dog.

Went walking along the bay this afternoon. The Talker got to see "whales" - a pod of 6 or 7 dolphins. Pretty cool! After dinner we went for a quick splash in the water. Lots of thunderstorms all around this morning and afternoon. Hopefully it will clear off for Wednesday.

In the morning we are heading to the other side of the bay to go kayaking and sailfishing. Not fishing for sailfish or blue marlins, the water is not that deep on the bay, but fishing via a line tethered to a floating platform that drifts around with a sail attached. The sail will carry several hundred feet from the dock. A neighbor described it as "A real meat market!"

This, AtHomeDaddy has got to see!

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