Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Rainy Wednesday

The Talker and The Princess have Wednesday playtime with the neighborhood kids. Because it is too wet to play outside, we all headed to Chucky Cheese.

If you do not know what Chucky Cheese is, you are blessed. The Talker has been asking to go for a week, so this was the perfect chance. It is nice to go with friends, so I did not have to drag both children to the restroom at the same time! (It may be a small thing, but that has been the highlight of my day!)

The Talker is scared of the costumed staff people and the anima-tronic characters, but otherwise, he had a blast. He even went chasing one of the neighbors through the tunnel playscape. That is only the second time he has gone willingly inside of one of the tubes.

Both are asleep at the same time! 3 days in a row. A guy could get spoiled, except that there is a pile of laundry waiting for some attention.

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