Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Usual Summer Day

The Boss Lady always keeps AtHomeDaddy jumping during June and July getting work done on the house.

So far this spring and summer, new kitchen faucet, new kitchen lights, new dining room lights, new bedroom lighting, new pictures framed and hung in the dining room, kitchen, the bedroom and The Talker's room. Also, the kid's batroom got new pictures and some hardware replaced. Plans are in the works for AtHomeDaddy to get new blinds hung in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and master bath. And more pictures for the whole house.

We have lived here 5 years and we are finally hanging pictures. If not for the the clutter around here, one might think we were going for a minimalist look. No more.

In the dining room and in The Talker's room we framed antique postcards and photos taken in the 1930's of landscapes in the Southwest. We still have another set of cards to mount for the dining room, but we will have to find the right frames. The pictures, a bonus from the family reunion last weekend.

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