Friday, June 18, 2004

Home Again!

Back at the ranch:

The largest fish AtHomeDaddy caught this week, a Gafftopsail Catfish, about 24 inches, about 7-8 lbs. AtHomeDaddy had no intentions of cleaning only one decent fish, so back he went. Caught him with the sail, along with 15 or 20 Hardheads, but none were worth the effort to clean and prepare to haul home.

Also caught two Black Drum and one small Spotted Seatrout off of the largest pier in town. All in all, a successful fishing trip! Nothing to clean and we ate fish several times at local restaurants!

AtHomeDaddy lost one hook wrench and his driver's license that fell into the water. There was a fish on the line, so AtHomeDaddy watched it float away. The test of a real fisherman!

The Talker and The Princess had a good time with The Boss Lady and The Boss Lady's Daddy. I guess. Don't know for sure, because AtHomeDaddy stayed at the fishing pier the entire time.

Now that we are home, AtHomeDaddy will play with the kids again. But there is that little lake a couple of miles away... If you go to Costa Rica soon, look around for my driver's license

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