Monday, June 07, 2004

Today's schedule, It's rigorous..

This am, The Talker, who is our 2 year old boy, and The Princess, our 2 month old girl, were both up early. I won't discuss how early, because it turns out that Mommy (The Boss Lady) and AtHomeDaddy have differing opinions on the word "early".

After breakfast and a bottle, and several early diaper changes, The Talker and I played in the backyard for a while and I weeded the veggie garden while he helped water the tomatoes and herbs. We ran downtown for The Boss Lady and stopped at my old recreation center to see the kids and staff.

After playing in the park we headed to the house for lunches and Tom and Jerry. Naptime followed quickly. At this moment the stars must be in an odd alignment, because The Talker and The Princess are both napping at the same time.

So there... A look into a SAHD's morning. Future post will likely not be so detailed, because The Princess has yet to agree with her Mommy that "Naptime Rules!" Or was it AtHomeDaddy that likes Naptime? Some days it is hard to remember who is who around here.

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Rick said...

Nap! What's a nap?